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First Generation

1. Photo Solomon Isaac Solski1,2,3,4 was born in 1811.1,3 He died on 21 Dec 1894 in Jonava, Lithuania. He was also known as Shliomo Girsh Solsky. The Saul Family Circle has always referred to its patriarch as Solomon Isaac Saul. However, the 1887 List of Residents of Janova shows his name as Shlioma Girsh Solsky. Some cousins have transliterated this as Shlame Yitzak or Shlame Gersh.

According to Alexander Beider in A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire, (Avotaynu, Teaneck, NJ), the surname Solsky meant "from the townlet Soly (Oshmyany d[istrict])" or if the name was Sholsky, "from the village Sholna (Vilkomir d[istrict]).

Solomon Isaac Solski and Ryvka Gitel ? were married. Photo Ryvka Gitel ?2,4,5 (daughter of Yehuda Leb ?) was born in 1808.2,5,6 She died on 12 Mar 1889 in Jonava, Lithuania.5 Her father's name on her tombstone is given as Yehuda Leb.

Her American descendents called her Rebecca Gertrude. Solomon Isaac Solski and Ryvka Gitel ? had the following children:



Jacob Leb Solski.



Joseph Solski.



David Saul.



Sussman Saul.



Israel Sulsky.



Mordecai Solski.



User Sulsky.